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Revere High School

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Counseling Office

Counseling Office


CCP VIRTUAL INFORMATIONAL MEETING 1/25/2024 from 6:00 pm - Look for an e-mail that will include the join link

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2023-2024 Course Catalog

 RHS School Counseling Office: Our goal is to help students reach theirs!

Contact Our Office:
Mrs. Reinhold, Administrative Assistant
330-523-3210  Fax:  330-659-0058
Mr. Nick DePompei, School Counselor
Last Names  A - F - Grade 12
Last Names A - G - Grades 9-11
Mrs. Emily Rion, School Counselor
Last Names  G - M - Grade 12
Last Names  H - O - Grades 9-11
Mrs. Elizabeth Long, School Counselor
Last Names  N - Z - Grade 12
Last Names  P - Z - Grades 9-11
Mrs. Bonnie Simonelli, At Risk Coordinator
Miss Ashley Ostrowski, School Psychologist