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Contest Results 2015-2016

Ohio Math League

After six contests, Revere placed 9th in Ohio and tied for first place in Summit County. Stephen Kronenberger and Leah Weisburn finished tied for 30th place in Ohio individually. The top 5 Revere students overall were seniors Leah, Stephen, Russel Ahsan, Broderick Lewis, and Matt Fiedler.   The top junior, sophomore, and freshman were Joel Niemi, Jason Fan, and Tiger Du. The top sixth, seventh, and eighth graders were Drake Du, Tyra Shin, Thomas Li, and Viraaj Kurri. Other students who contributed to our team score at least twice were Sathwika Thodeti, Chloe Stile, Anthony Pignataro, Victoria Liu, Goodman Li, Jack Krew, Karl Godard, Drew Espinal, Victoria Deng, Angelo Bucci, and Daniel Branch. This was the last OML for the 2015-2016 school year. If you attended at least five math contests this year, you may write “Ohio Math League” on your scholarship, college, or NHS applications. Underclassmen, we’ll see you at OML in October 2016!

 Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics Contest and OHMIO

Thirty-eight students attended the OCTM Contest at Copley High School on Saturday, February 27. The top scorers for Revere were seniors Broderick Lewis (38th in Ohio), Stephen Kronenberger (50th), Leah Weisburn (81st), Matt Fiedler (131st), Victoria Deng (147th), and Asha Ravichandran (175th). The top freshmen were Tiger Du (175th) and Jack Krew (175th). The top junior and sophomore were Joel Niemi and Gavin Lewis. Revere placed 12th overall and second among schools our size. Broderick, Stephen, and Leah were invited to the Ohio High school Mathematics invitational Olympiad (OHMIO) on Saturday, March 26. All three attended. At the OHMIO, Broderick’s mixed team earned third place.

 American Mathematics Competition
Top scores for the AMC 12A math contest were Leah Weisburn, Joel Niemi, and Victoria Deng. Gavin Lewis, Jason Fan, Victoria Liu, and Kyle Shin were the top scorers for the AMC 10A. The high scores for the AMC 12B were earned by Joel Niemi, Leah Weisburn, and Stephen Kronenberger. Tiger Du, Meha Elango, and Kyle Shin earned the best scores for the AMC 10B. No one qualified for the American Invitational Mathematics Examination (AIME) this year.
 Mu Alpha Theta Log1 Contest

In the Log1 contest, Revere placed third our region (one-fourth of the U.S.). In the Mu division, Broderick Lewis finished 24th in the region. In the Alpha division, Lucy Zhang placed 16th, and Joel Niemi placed 19th. In the Theta division, Kyle Shin and Jack Krew earned 4th and 7th places. Also contributing to our team score for at least one of the three contests were Matt Fiedler, Stephen Kronenberger, Leah Weisburn, Joe Garcia, and Karl Godard. 

Youngstown State University Math Fest

Three Revere students won prize money at the Youngstown State University Math Fest on October 1.  Serena Juchnowski, took first place in the Statistical Poster Contest.  In the Challenge of the Champions contest, Stephen Kronenberger earned first place and Matt Fiedler took third.   


In the MathCON online contest, each grade level had its own contest of forty problems in forty minutes. The top seniors were Stephen Kronenberger, Matt Fiedler, and Leah Weisburn. The top junior and sophomore were Lucy Zhang and Shreya Datta. The top freshmen were Tiger Du, Kyle Shin, Jack Krew, and Aayush Bansal. The top scores in seventh and sixth grade were earned by Abhay Adury, Rohit Dasanoor, and Drake Du. Drake had a perfect score! Stephen, Matt, Tiger, Kyle, Abhay, Rohit, and Drake were invited to attend the MathCON finals in Chicago on Saturday, April 23. Leah, Jack, and Aayush were invited as substitutes. Abhay, Drake, Rohit, Tiger, and Kyle were able to attend the finals. Winning bronze medals for Revere were Drake, Rohit, and Tiger. Kyle missed a bronze medal by one place. Tiger also won the 24 contest at MathCON.

Math Madness

After four individual contests, Matt Fiedler placed first, Russel Ahsan and Leah Weisburn finished second, and Goodman Li placed fourth. The top freshman, and junior were Jack Krew and Lucy Zhang.


Joel Niemi, Russel Ahsan, and Lucy Zhang placed first, third, and fourth respectively in the Akron area. Their entries were forwarded for state competition, where they finished in the top four in the state.  As the state champion, Joel Niemi went on to compete at the national level. Students that participated in this contest can apply for a scholarship if they intend to pursue a degree in surveying.

 Rocket City Math League             

Revere had one large team of students working together and placed 42nd out of 121 teams across the country.

 Purple Comet Math Meet

Earning first place in this online math contest was the team of Leah Weisburn, Kyle Shin, Alexa Shin, and Tyra Shin. The team placed 4th in Ohio. Stephen Kronenberger, Russel Ahsan, Drew Espinal, Joel Niemi, Katie Jarvis, and Lucy Zhang placed second for Revere and 5th in Ohio. The team of Nick Jones, Jack Krew, Shreya Datta, Serena Juchnowski, and Sarp Sezer placed third for Revere and 7th in Ohio.

 American Regions Mathematics League

Broderick Lewis, Stephen Kronenberger, and Leah Weisburn were invited to participate but were unable to attend. Three teams of Ohio math all-stars compete at ARML at Penn State University each year.