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Induction Ceremony

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Mu Alpha Theta Math Honor Society

Students with a high math GPA and participation in many math contests could apply for acceptance into the Mu Alpha Theta Mathematics Honor Society. Applications for membership in the Mu Alpha Theta Mathematics Honor Society will likely be available in late March and due in April.  The induction ceremony is usually in May.

    2024 Induction Ceremony

The MAT induction ceremony will take place in the RHS library during sixth period on May_____.  Your parents may attend, if they sign in as visitors in the main office around _____ PM.  The ceremony will begin around ____ PM.  New members will attend their 6th period classes for attendance purposes and to find out what they will be missing before heading to the library/media center.  Previous members will report directly to the library to help set up the tables, chairs, and snacks.   Please wear dressy clothes, especially if you are a speaker.  We would prefer no t-shirts, blue jeans, sweat pants, or athletic shorts, for example.  

If you were already inducted, you will need to sign up in room A221 to bring beverages or a snack.  Bring the items to Mrs. Gillette’s room before school.  Talk to Mrs. Gillette about items that need refrigeration.  

Seniors will need to give the following item (s) to Mrs. Gillette by April 22.  1) On a 3x5 or 4x6 card or paper, please write your name, college of choice, favorite math contest, favorite mathematician, favorite math theorem or concept, and an inspirational quote.  2) Please write a check for $6 to RHS if you plan to keep your MAT graduation honor cords following graduation.

If you are being inducted this year, you will need to get two items to Mrs. Gillette by April 22.  The first is a check made out to Revere High School for $35.  This will cover the national membership fee, the cost of a t-shirt, and local dues.  The second item is a 3x5 or 4x6 card that contains your name, grade, cell phone number, email address, and t-shirt size (all neatly written) on one side.  On the other side of the card, please list some of your Revere clubs, sports, activities, and/or academic pursuits.  Also list your favorite math contest, mathematician, and math theorem/concept.
Everyone will also need to attend the Mu Alpha Theta elections & meeting from 2:45 - 4 PM in room A221.  The tentative date is May ____.  Bring math-related items (clean math jokes, math cartoons, math errors in print, original math songs, unoriginal math songs, math quotes, math poems, photographs of math in art, photos of math in architecture, photos of math or math symbols in everyday objects, etc.), and you might win a prize.  

Please email Mrs. GIllette using or see her in room A221 if you have any questions.

                                                         Mrs. Gillette