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Induction Program and Math Contest Summary 2021-2022

Revere High School Mu Alpha Theta Mathematics Honor Society

Induction Ceremony May 27, 2022

Opening:  Drake Du, Will Krew, Rohit Dasanoor, Aaron Stalnaker, Sam Bockstoce

Introducing new members:  Wesley Leong, Sam Bockstoce, Neal Pannala, Aaron Stalnaker

Honoring current members:  Sophomores: Suhesh Venkatesh, Drake Du

Juniors: Nnemdi Amanambu, Will Krew, Rohit Dasanoor

Honoring our seniors: Sanchita Chandran, Akshay Elango, Philip Liu

Closing remarks:

Mrs. Gillette 

Additional  Activities

Group Pictures, Refreshments

Inductees:  Anish Chandran, Kavana Lokesh, Jazlyn Sandhu, Saumya Mahajan, Anant Adury, Camryn Bir, Saumya Sharma, Edward Liu, Rishit Kulkarni, Andy Long, Katie Nowakowski, Serena Guo, Ryan Uher, Lauren Weil, Cameron Weir, Annabelle Yost

Current Members:  Rasmin Singh, Kish Mendpara, Daniel Choi, Neal Pannala, Zack Iler, Shane Yankovitz, Tarini Gowda, Shreya Gupta, Aryan Pai, Sara Tomechko, Taylor Creveling, Akshay Elango, Rishi Velma, Devin Donich, Philip Liu, Wesley Leong, Suhesh Venkatesh, Isha Bansal, Aaron Stalnaker, Nathan Cronin, Nnemdi Amanamba, Sam Bockstoce, Jackson Campbell, Sanchita Chandran, Adi Desai, Will Krew, Drake Du, Rohit Dasanoor

Officers:    Drake Du, Will Krew, Rohit Dasanoor, Aaron Stalnaker

Executive Board: Wesley Leong, Philip Liu, Akshay Elango, Suhesh Venkatesh, Nnemdi Amanambu, Sanchita Chandran, Isha Bansal, Neal Pannala, Sam Bockstoce

From Mrs. Gillette:

Welcome, Inductees!  We are looking forward to enjoying math with you!

Thank you, officers and executive board, for the numerous ways you led our  activities and encouraged students.  Your help with the induction ceremony was invaluable.  Drake, thanks for being such a dedicated and efficient president.  Your communication and planning skills were impressive.  

Seniors, you earned three first place and one second place finish in Ohio Math League during your four years at Revere.  The number of awards you have accumulated will never be surpassed.  I have enjoyed our time together.  You will be greatly missed!  Rohit, Will, and Drake will always be “The Big Three” to me.  Best wishes for happiness and success in college and in life!  Keep in touch!

Underclassmen members, we are losing some excellent leaders.  Who is willing to help us this summer to plan for next year?

Mrs. Gillette

Summary of RHS Competition Mathematics Performance in the 2021-22 School Year

Mu Alpha Theta National Convention in July, 2021

Rohit Dasanoor placed 19th in Mu Ciphering, 10th in BC Calculus, and 6th in Mu Sequences and Series. Drake Du placed 15th in Mu Combinatorics and Probability and 5th in Mu Comprehensive. Aaron Stalnaker placed 10th in Codes and Ciphers.As a team, we placed 10th in the Alpha Bowl Round, 10th in the Mu Bowl Round, and 11th in the school sweepstakes!

Ainsley Jacquemain, Jackson Campbell, Sanchita Chandran, Adi Desai, Ian Clute, Will Krew, Kish Mendpara, Wesley Leong, and Kiran Ravichandran all contributed to our team score! 

Trig-Star Nationals - June, 2021

Rohit Dasanoor was the national champion with a perfect score in about 66 minutes!  This contest had a 2-hour time limit!

Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics Contest and OHMIO

Drake Du was the top scorer from Revere. Philip Liu was the top junior, Neal Pannala was the top sophomore, and Camryn Bir was the top freshman. Drake, Rohit Dasanoor, Will Krew, Neal, Camryn, and Sanchita Chandran all advanced to the Ohio Highschool Mathematics Invitational Olympiad in Columbus on November 6.  At the OHMIO, Drake placed 11th in the Individual round, 9th in the Ciphering round, and 8th overall in the Championship.  Will also attended.  Other qualifiers were unable to attend.

Math Madness

In the individual rounds, Rohit Dasanoor placed 1st in Revere with perfect scores in all three rounds.  Drake Du placed 2nd, Will Krew placed 3rd, Neal Pannala placed 4th, and Sam Bockstoce placed 5th. Camryn Bir was the top freshman, Philip Liu was the top junior.  Unfortunately, Revere was knocked out of the tournament after the first week of playoffs.  In the team rounds, the top senior, junior, sophomore, and freshman who played with different teammates each week were Sam Bockstoce, Philip Liu, Neal Pannala, and Anant Adury. 

American Mathematics Competition and AIME

Rohit Dasanoor was the top Revere scorer in the AMC 12A and the 2nd highest Revere scorer in the AMC 12B. Drake Du was the top Revere scorer in the AMC 12B and the 2nd highest Revere scorer in the AMC 12A. Will Krew was the third highest Revere scorer in both the AMC 12A and 12B. Philip Liu was the top Revere junior in both the AMC 12A and 12B. Suhesh Venkatesh tied with Philip as a top Revere junior in the AMC 12B.  Neal Pannala was the top Revere scorer on the AMC 10A. Camryn Bir was the top Revere scorer on the AMC 10B, the second Revere scorer on the AMC 10A, and the top freshman scorer on the AMC 10A. Kish Mendpara was the 3rd place Revere scorer on the AMC 10B and the top Sophomore in the AMC 10B. Saumya Sharma placed 3rd at Revere in the AMC 10A and 2nd in the AMC 10B.  Will, Drake, and Rohit qualified for the American Invitational Mathematics Examination.  The AIME is a 15-question, 3-hour contest with no calculator.  Rohit scored a 7, Drake Du scored a 4, and Will Krew scored a 3.

Rocket City Math League

In the discovery division, Revere placed 4th out of 124 teams. Out of 1168 individuals, Drake Du placed 5th, Rohit Dasanoor and Will Krew placed 11th, Neal Pannala placed 85th, Wesley Leong placed 93rd, Phillip Liu placed 135th, and Andy Long placed 166th. In the Apollo division, Revere placed 14th out of 74 teams. Out of 293 participants, Eddie Liu placed 87th.

Ohio Math League

After the six contests, the top 6th graders were Karthik Nuka and Leon Du. Ayushman Mukherjee was the top 7th grader. Rohan Dasanoor finished as the top 8th grader. Camryn Bir was the top 9th grader. Rohit Dasanoor was the only person in the state with a perfect score on all six contests. Will Krew and Drake Du tied for second place in Revere and 6th in Ohio. Neal Pannala, the top sophomore, finished 15th in Ohio. Philip Liu, the top junior, finished 21st in Ohio.  Revere placed second in the state!!!  Also contributing to the team score were Sam Bockstoce, Adi Desai, Nnemdi Amanambu, Isha Bansal, Evelyn Tucker, Nathan Cronin, Andy Long, Akshay Elango, Wesley Leong, Sara Tomechko, Annabelle Yost, Lauren Weil, Taylor Creveling, Ryan Uher, Katie Nowakowski, Shane Yankovitz, Anant Adury, and Saumya Mahajan.

MathCON qualifier and MathCON finals

In the MathCON contests, students only compete against other students in their grade.  After the qualifying round, Rohit Dasanoor, Will Krew, Phillip Liu, Drake Du, Neal Pannala, Annabelle Yost, Camryn Bir, Rishit Kulkarni, and Saumya Mahajan were named finalists. Alternates included Zach Iler, Andy Long, Katie Nowakowski, Lily Blower, Daniel Choi, Sam Bockstoce, Shane Yankovitz, Sanchita Chandran, Saumya Sharma, and Rasmin Singh.  The top grade level competitors were Will, Philip, Neal,and Camryn.  At the MathCON Finals in Chicago, eight students represented Revere: Rohit, Will, Drake, Neal, Rishit, Andy, Katie, and Rasmin. Rohit received a bronze medal, while Will, Drake, and Neal received honorable mentions.  Rohit placed fifth among seniors, and Will and Drake placed 6th and 8th respectively.  Neal was 12th among sophomores across the country. Qualifying contest and  State Finals

Revere finished second out of 14 teams participating in this round.  Rohit Dasanoor placed first overall in the country. Drake Du placed fourth, and Will Krew placed fifth. Wesley Leong was the top Revere junior in the target round. Philip Liu was the top Revere junior in the sprint round. Among all junior competitors Wesley and Philip placed 8th and 12th.  Andy Long was the top Revere sophomore in the sprint round. Zach Iler and Katie Nowakowski were the top Revere sophomores in the target round. Among all sophomores in the competition, Andy, Zach, Katie, Serena Guo, and Kish Mendpara placed 3rd, 4th, 6th, 15th, and 17th.  Among all freshmen competitors, Anant Adury, Jazlyn Sandhu, and Kavana Lokesh placed third, thirteenth, and eighteenth. Rohit Dasanoor was the top Revere senior in the sprint and target rounds. The relay team of Will, Anant, and Wesley, and the team of Rohit, Drake, and Andy tied for third nationally in the relay round. The team of Will, Drake, Katie, and Serena tied for fifth nationally. The team of Will, Rohit, Neal, Drake, and Camryn Bir came in second nationally in the power round. In the State Finals, Revere placed 1st out of 2 teams in the state. Katie placed second overall and Will Krew placed 3rd overall. Will was the top senior, Katie was the top sophomore, and Jazlyn was the top freshman. 


Revere finished 18th out of 189 teams in the world, 12th out of 131 U.S. teams, and 1st out of 9 Ohio teams. Individually, Will Krew tied for 1st in the world with 6 perfect scores across the 6 contests, while Rohit Dasanoor tied for 16th in the world, 6th in the U.S. and 2nd in Ohio. Lauren Weil was the highest scoring junior, Neal Pannala was the highest scoring sophomore, and Camryn Bir was the highest scoring freshman at Revere.  Also contributing to our team score were Sam Bockstoce, Sanchita Chandran, Nnemdi Amanambu, Jackson Campbell, Devin Donich, Philip Liu, Annabelle Yost, and Shane Yankovitz.

Purple Comet

In the 2022 Purple Comet contest, Revere competed against schools with at most 1200 students. Revere Red team consisted of Rohit Dasanoor, Will Krew, Sam Bockstoce, and Jackson Campbell. They were 1st out of 22 teams in Ohio, 18th out of 305 teams in the U.S., and 26th out of 985 teams worldwide. The Revere Minutemen team consisted of Drake Du, Anant Adury, Neal Pannala, and Cameron Weir. They placed 2nd out of 22 teams in Ohio. The Revere Juniors team consisted of Wesley Leong, Maggy Messner, Abigail Disalvo, Annabelle Yost, and Sara Tomechko. They placed 6th out of 22 teams in Ohio. The Revere Blue team consisted of Tarini Gowda, Jazlyn Sandhu, Kavana Lokesh, and Saumya Sharma. They placed 12th out of 22 teams in Ohio.

Trig-Star 2022

In this year’s Trig-Star Contest, Rohit Dasanoor placed 1st in Ohio with a perfect score of 100 in 15 minutes and 42 seconds. Drake Du placed 3rd in Ohio with a perfect score of 100 in 49 minutes and 46 seconds. Wesley Leong placed 4th in Ohio with a score of 94 in 35 minutes and 45 seconds. The top freshman was Camryn Bir and the top sophomore was Neal Pannala. Rohit once again will compete in the National Trig-Star competition in June. Nationals

In the Nationals competition, Revere placed 5th out of the 55 teams who participated this year!  Jazlyn Sandhu was the top Revere freshman in the Sprint round and tied with Kavana Lokesh in the Target round. Neal Pannala was the top Revere sophomore in the Sprint and Target rounds. Philip Liu placed 17th among all juniors in the competition and was the top Revere junior in the Sprint and Target rounds.  Rohit Dasanoor was the top Revere senior in the Sprint and Target rounds. Rohit placed 1st, Will Krew placed 4th, and Drake Du placed 5th among all seniors that participated in the contest. Overall, Rohit placed 3rd, Will placed 23rd, and Drake placed 35th!  In the team and power rounds, the team of Will, Drake, Rohit, Neal, Andy Long, and Philip earned 3rd and 5th places respectively.  The Relay team of Andy, Neal, and Rohit had the highest Relay score for Revere.  Also qualifying and competing were Serena Guo, Suhesh Venkatesh, and Wesley Leong.

American Regions Mathematics League Qualifiers

Drake Du, Rohit Dasanoor, Will Krew, Neal Pannala, Camryn Bir, and Sanchita Chandran were invited to attend practices for the ARML contest.  Ohio usually sends up to three teams of Ohio math all-stars to compete at Penn State University.  This year, the Ohio ARML teams will be competing in Columbus on June 4.  Only Drake is planning to attend.