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Math Contest Summary 2019-2020

Summary of RHS Competition Mathematics Performance in the 2019-20 School Year

Ohio Math League (OML)

After 5 contests, Revere placed first (for the 2nd year in row!) in all of Ohio with a score of 132. Top scorers in the state include Will Krew (tied for 3rd), Rohit Dasanoor (tied for 5th), Drake Du (tied for 5th), and Abhay Adury (tied for 31st). The top scoring freshmen at Revere are Wesley Leong and Philip Liu, and the top scoring senior is Michael Tomechko. Other team contributors include Eric An, Lance Choi, Sarisha Mahajan, Alex Summerville, Sam Bockstoce, Owen Desberg, Samantha Ma, Nova Meng, Jacob Roose, Lauren Weil, Kaitlyn Borcherding, William Marchetta, Katie Weil, Nnemdi Amanembu, Jackson Campbell, Akshay Elango, Andrew Long, Kiran Ravichandran, Tyra Shin, Joshua Johns, Keri Tomechko, DJ Donich, Abby Stumbaugh, Eian Bennett, and Emma Fulton.

American Scholastics Mathematics Competition (ASMA)

Revere placed 1st in Ohio, 11th in the U.S., and 16th out of 200 teams worldwide on the ASMA! Drake Du, Rohit Dasanoor, and Will Krew tied for 25th in the world, 12th in the U.S, and 1st in Ohio. Top scorers by grade level were Wesley Leong (9th), Alex Summerville (11th), and Nova Meng (12th). Others who contributed to the team score include Lance Choi, Michael Tomechko, Chaitanya Annamreddi, Sarisha Mahajan, Tyra Shin, Kiran Ravichandran, Nick Guilda, Samantha Ma, Katie Weil, William Marchetta, Eric An, Jenny Fan, Abhay Adury, Joshua Johns, DJ Donich, Jacob Roose, Abby Stumbaugh, Alexander Landis, and Jackson Campbell.

Purple Comet

Twenty-nine students competed on six teams in the Purple Comet Math Meet in April.  The top team for Revere was the team of Alex Summerville, Thomas Li, Kiran Ravichandran, Anthony Skitzki, and Rishikesh Nallasani. They placed third in Ohio

Math Madness

Revere’s top 5 placed 44th out of 178 teams with an average of 78.3 percent of questions correct. Overall, Rohit Dasanoor placed 57th overall, answering 91.7 percent of questions correctly. Other top scorers included Will Krew, Alex Summerville, Drake Du, and Lance Choi. The top scoring freshman from Revere is Wesley Leong and the top scoring senior is Chaitanya Annamreddi.


For Log1, Revere placed 6th in our region (1/4 of the U.S.--79 schools)! Out of 545 students in the Alpha division, Rohit Dasanoor placed 2nd, Will Krew 18th, and Alex Summerville 28th. Out of 689 students in the Mu division, Drake Du placed 7th and Lance Choi placed 37th. The top-scoring freshman from Revere was Philip Liu (Theta) and the top-scoring senior was Samantha Ma (Mu). Also contributing to the team score were Chaitanya Annamreddi, Devin Donich, Andrew Froelich, and Mike Restivo.


8 contestants qualified to take the national MathCON contest in Chicago, which was unfortunately canceled this year. These contestants included: Rohit Dasanoor, Drake Du, Will Krew, Abhay Adury, Kaitlyn Borcherding, Lance Choi, Nova Meng, and Keri Tomechko. Alternates included: Wesley Leong, Jackson Campbell, Nick Guilda, Joshua Johns, Kiran Ravichandran, Alex Summerville, Eric An, Samantha Ma, Mary Rickel, and Jacob Roose.


From Revere, top scorers on the AMC 12 were sophomore Rohit Dasanoor, junior Lance Choi, and seniors Abby Stumbaugh and Michael Tomechko. The top scorers for the AMC 10 are sophomores Rohit Dasanoor, Drake Du, and Will Krew, and the top scorer for freshmen from Revere is Philip Liu. In addition, Rohit, Drake, and Will all qualified for the AIME (approximately the top 2.5% in the nation)--a three-hour contest with no calculator. Rohit and Drake had the high score (tie) for Revere.

Rocket City Math League Individual Contest

In the Discovery division, Revere finished 9th out of 135 teams, and Rohit Dasanoor, Will Krew, and Alex Summerville placed 1st, 26th, and 96th out of 1406 students in the nation.  In the Apollo division, Wesley Leong was Revere’s top scorer. Contest - March

After taking a three hour and forty-five minute contest, Rohit Dasanoor, Will Krew, Michael Tomechko, Thomas Li, Chaitanya Annamreddi, Lance Choi, Nova Meng, and Alex Summerville placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 9th in Ohio, qualifying for the state tournament. Revere finished first also as a team!  In the team round, Rohit, Will, Thomas, and Lance finished first, and Nova, Michael, Chai, and Alex finished second.  First place in the relay round went to Lance, Thomas, and Rohit, while Nova, Will, and Michael came in second.  For the sprint and target rounds, Rohit placed 1st in the state followed by Will Krew placing 2nd.  Michael finished 3rd in the target round and fourth in the sprint round, while Thomas finished third in the sprint round and fourth in the target round. State Finals and Nationals

Six Revere students placed in the top 7 in Ohio in this 5-hour contest on April 24.  Rohit Dasanoor, Will Krew, Drake Du, Thomas Li, Joshua Johns, and Lance Choi placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 7th, all qualifying for nationals on June 13.  Revere also finished first in Ohio as a team.  The relay team of Drake, Will, and Joshua placed first, and Rohit, Thomas, and Lance placed second in Ohio.  Rohit Thomas, and Lance finished first in the team competition, and Drake and Will finished third in Ohio.  In the national contest on June 13, Revere finished 12th overall in the nation out of 75 teams.  Will, Rohit, and Drake were ranked 5th, 5th, and 24th for all sophomores in the U.S.  Thomas was 24th among all seniors in the U.S.  Individually, Will, Rohit, and Drake placed 23rd, 23rd, and 81st overall in the country.  Rohit finished first overall in the target round.  Will placed 5th overall in the sprint round and was the top sophomore in that contest round.  The team of Will and Drake and the team of Rohit and Joshua tied for 23rd overall out of 126 teams in the relay round.

Rocket City Math League InterSchool Test

Revere competed as one large team on the Rocket City Math League InterSchool Test.  We were one of three schools with a perfect score!  164 teams participated. 

Youngstown State University Math Fest

In the Challenge of the Champions contest, Lance Choi and Rohit Dasanoor tied for first place.  In the Mixed Team Competition, Michael Tomechko’s team placed first, and Tyra Shin’s team finished fourth.  Also competing were Abhay Adury, Chai Annamreddi, Drake Du, Will Krew, Samantha Ma, Sarisha Mahajan, Nova Meng, and Zach Iler.

OCTM Mathematics Tournament

For the OCTM, Revere placed 2nd in Ohio out of 74 teams! High scorers on the contest—and qualifiers to the 2020 OHMIO (Ohio High school Mathematics Invitational Olympiad) which has been canceled this year—were Rohit Dasanoor (1st in Ohio with a perfect score of 40!), Drake Du (15th), Will Krew (15th), Abhay Adury (60th), Lance Choi (60th), and Sarisha Mahajan (99th). The highest-scoring freshman from Revere is Philip Liu, and the highest-scoring senior is Eric An.

TrigStar 2019

After inductions last year, Rohit Dasanoor was announced as the state champion in TrigStar.  Rohit competed in the national TrigStar contest in June 2019.  There was no TrigStar in 2020.

ARML Local

Lance Choi, Samantha Ma, Alex Summerville, Will Krew, Drake Du, and Rohit Dasanoor competed online in the American Regions Mathematics League on Saturday, May 30.    Revere’s team placed 76th out of 270 teams internationally.

There was a team round, a relay round, and an individual round.  Rohit placed 32nd out of 1473 students in the individual round!  Thanks for your hard work, Minutemen!