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Math Contest Websites for Practice

Ohio Math League (October through March)      

user email: (Insert your first and last name using all lowercase letters.)

password:  TFJYTK  or  AQAMCT     (See Mrs. Gillette if this doesn’t work.)      

Click on Repository of Questions.  Search for questions.  For grade, select High School.  For the topic, select Number Theory of a topic of your choice.  For the year, you could select All.  Choose your level(s) of difficulty.

The site keeps track of questions that you missed and can generate similar questions.  It can identify strengths and weaknesses and generate questions based upon the weaknesses.

The online site is supposed to be operational through June 30, but it might work later.  Also, if Revere pays for the next school year in July, our subscription will start up again.

If you can’t get into the site, then you can also find a few sample contests at

Rocket City Math League (November through March)

Click on Contest and Previous Tests.

Interschool test:  The senior division is for students in grades 10-12.  The junior division is for grades 6-9.  Freshmen are allowed to compete with the senior division team.

There are some other contest questions based upon the course you are taking.  Gemini is for students in Geometry, Apollo is for Algebra II, and Discovery is for students beyond Algebra II.

Mu Alpha Theta Log1 (December through February)     

Select Programs then Contests then Log1 then Log1 Past Tests.  Select the subject area and year of your choice.  Then select or scroll to your division.

Mu is for Calculus students, Theta is for Algebra II, and Alpha is for students between Algebra II and Calculus.  The answers and detailed solutions should be in the file, too.

MathCON (March)         

Use the drop down menu for Select Page.  Choose Study Materials. Then select from Sample Tests, Useful Links, and Topics to Study. 

Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics Contest (September or February)  

Youngstown State University Math Fest Challenge of the Champions          

Click on Challenge of the Champions.   Revere usually takes our top 6-10 students.

Purple Comet Math Meet (April)        Click on Solutions/Results.  Sadly, they provide the problems and the answers but not the detailed solutions.

TrigStar ( April)         

 Click on Programs and select Trig-Star and Sample Exams for the drop-down menus.  Sadly, they provide the problems and the answers but not the detailed solutions.

Math Madness (September through November) 

No practice problems are available online at this time!

American Mathematics Competition (November or February)

The worked-out solving process might not be on this site, but you might be able to google one or more problems to find someone else’s detailed solution.

More Math Websites for Practice, Scholarships, Camps, etc.  (lessons and practice) (classes, training, tips, practice)

 U.S.A. Math Talent Search (USAMTS) (advanced math contest) (online tutoring, scholarships, resources, video contest, puzzles)