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Revere High School

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Student Volunteer Program

The Revere High School Volunteer Program offers high school students volunteer opportunities and credit for community service. As we are made aware of community or nonprofit organizations' needs for student volunteers, emails are sent to the student body via their student email. Volunteer hours are accepted from the summer leading into ninth grade and through the end of senior year. One must collect at least 6 hours each year enrolled at RHS as part of a Revere High School student's graduation requirements. To record volunteer hours, verification forms must be completed, held by the student, and entered digitally once a quarter during a special Records Room day. Students are responsible for completing the paper forms and obtaining a signature from the person or organization connected with the volunteer project/experience, entering them into our online recording system, and having a Revere High School staff member verify the authenticity of the experience before final submission. For every thirty hours of volunteer service, a student receives .25 credit on their transcript as a community service credit. If a student wants their volunteer hours to count for credit, the student must contact their counselor and have the hours verified on the online system.